Sep 4, 2011

Name Sign Display

Hi All! I recently posted a video about my name sign display, but I didn't show the up close pics of each product. I think you'll really like what all of these look like if you use these yourself. For the name sign I just put the info into a Microsoft Word document and typed it out then printed it in printer paper. I adhered  it down to a floral motif pattern of paper then I decorated! Here is what the finished name display looks like...

Here are a couple pics of the layered trims. I tend to do this using the Ruffled Lace Trim and the Tier Drop Pearl Trim. They fit perfectly together, plus they look awesome!

And the last picture, is the pink butterfly, isn't is gorgeous?! I love all that glitter and gemstones and sparkles...any little girl would love this! :)

Thanks for looking and have a great Labor Day weekend! :)

P.S.-- If you haven't already, check out the video I made for this project:

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