Jul 10, 2011

Bike Ride Pics & Memorable Quotes

Hello! My dad and I took a bike ride on Sunday morning, and it was so beautiful! Aside from the heat everything was great. :) We thought we would take along the camera and take some pics of the cemetery that we always pass by. We go about 8 miles out from our house and there is a ton of flowers, trees, all clustered together on this small countryside. It's so gorgeous and so we captured it and I created a little video slideshow with some great quotes that I try to live by and think about. They are such great quotes that always make me smile when I read them. I took a long time editing this just so everything would transition smoothly, and the text was right so I would love if you could go ahead and take a peek!

Thanks everyone for sticking with me in these couple of weeks that I have started my blog! I really really appreciate! :) Have an awesome day!

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