Jun 30, 2011


Hi all! I have recently been on vacation up in Wisconsin right on the edge of Lake Michigan! I am going to get back to doing posts starting Saturday, since we'll be back by then. So far this week has been very relaxing. We spent a lot of time shopping and looking around the downtown area. Plus we went for walks on the beach with our dog, Benny! He loved being able to run around wherever he wanted. Earlier in the week we went to an awesome antique store and I was able to buy a stamp for my card making. Later, my mom and I spent a couple hours painting pottery at a local art studio. That next day we went tubing on Lake Michigan using a speed boat we rented. It was a ton of fun aside from the fact that my shorts got caught by the wind and flew off the back of the boat. LOL! At least they are going to be easy to replace. And today, I went to a LSS and picked up a couple stamps. I am going to film a haul video when I get back home. :) So I think that is it for now and later I'll update everyone some more. Hope everyone has had a great week and is looking forward to the weekend!

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