Jul 5, 2011

Card Sketch!

Hey everyone! I came up with my own card sketch. I used to do these types of things on Word using the shapes and creating layouts of my room. I still could use that, especially since my craft room is a mess LOL! Anyways, I am probably going to do monthly or twice-monthly card sketches that I'll put up on my blog on the sidebar for anyone who wants to use them. Throughout the month I'll also make a few cards using the sketch I came up with. So for the month of July I came up with this sketch:
I hope you like it! And make sure you stay tuned until tomorrow, because I am going to share a card I made using this sketch! Feel free to interpret this however which way you like, whether you rotate it or move and replace objects. I can't wait to see what you come up with, oh! and make sure you share this on your blog so others can join in on the fun! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I really appreciate it! :)

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